Isii Tech


Our activity sectors

The Isii-Tech teams regularly interfere - on every continent - in the following sectors:

  • Pharmacy & Cosmetics
  • Chemistry
  • Energy
  • Agri-food
  • Industrials
  • Tertiary

Some realizations examples


Realization of an automation project of two workshops in a specialist of allergies treatment, including :

Batch system flexibility

Complete tracability for batch report editing

Weighing station management

21 CFR compliance

MP and containers identification

Automation of a biomass boiler and management of heat distribution network in the Paris region :

Expended process supervision

Raw material supplies management


Establishment of an industrial information system in charge of the management of manufacturing recipes, management and monitoring of the GTC in a single dose specialist :

Implementation of a redundant high-availability architecture

Integration of a visual management solution driving packaging lines for monitoring management performance TRS lines

Performing an inventory management application of a store at an industrial agri-food :

SAP interface for reading inventory movement orders

Mobile tablet for operators coaching

Getting operate a revenue management solution for manufacturing fruity waters :

Batch control

Daily reports fabrication balance type

Applications & solutions

Setting an alarm performance monitoring solution and reporting in a big name in the aluminum industry :

TRS calculation

Alarm Report on smartphones in case of anomalies

Design and deployment of a standardized multi-site solution of industrial information system at one of the French leading manufacturer of industrial mortars :

High speed batches driving

Performance monitoring

Process optimization

Implementation of a building automation application for a large French bank office complex :

Alarms management

Monitoring and assessment of energy consumption - water, electricity, cold

Centralized management of equipment, CTA to leisure clubs