Isii Tech


Who are we ?

Isii-Tech, Intégrateur de Solutions en Informatique Industrielle et Technologiques, ensures the realization of projects for industrial customers, conduct, supervision and monitoring of their process facilities.

SAS with €250,000 capital based in Saint Etienne du Rouvray, Isii-Tech team is based on the complementarity of its teams from both the world of the integration of data processing management, industrial data, automation and instrumentation.

This complementarity is also reinforced by the multiplication of individual and collective references in various process industries such as pharmaceutical, food or energy.

Specialized in processing liquid, viscous and pasty type industries, we have many experiments in batch processes. Our target activities are comprehensive solutions for industrial information systems, key process control solutions in hand, the installation revamping and technical expertise.

To guarantee the deployment of solutions, our teams are regularly trained in the latest technologies.

Isii-Tech is a member of the Cinov federation and is committed to improving safety

Our ambition

Supporting you in your vital innovation.

Key figures


The Isii-Tech team consists of 32 engineers and technicians in computer science and automation.

Sales figures

Isii Tech au service de la R&D

Isii-Tech has partnered with  CryoDiffusion, ACS, Meca Magnetic et Sominex to propose the establishment of a lasting relationship between Research and Industry within a SAS, AITR.

Innovation , creativity and flexibility of SMEs are key to the success of international great scientific projects.

Our teams put their skills to design, implement and deliver command control solutions for research equipment run by international research centers.

We operate software environment including EPICS – Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System.