Isii Tech


Perpetuate your facilities


Isii-Tech supports you both in the realization of innovation projects as project sustainability of your equipment and facilities.

Benefit your facilities with technological innovations can help you secure and reliable operation, or to optimize their energy performance.


Our teams are specialized in performing migration operations and revamping of your automation and industrial systems.

We provide services beginning of the audit until the reception / qualification of new applications.


We have many experiences of virtualization IT infrastructure (VMWare & Hyper-V), solution to get rid of aging computer equipment.

Software as a service

We can also assist you in setting up outsourcing solutions for the management of certain features. We provide you with sizing and configuration saas : tools, hosted in the cloud, support your needs, without having to deploy a dedicated substructure.


Finally, we propose the creation of :

  • Remote maintenance contract
  • TMA contract
  • On-call contract production


  • Control system
  • Supervision
  • Archiving
  • Tracability
  • ...